Four O'Clock Royal Pink Seeds


Four O'Clock Royal Pink Seeds

Seeds of Pink Royal 4 O'Clock plants secured from dry flowers matured on plants

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  • Four O’Clock’s, so named because they typically bloom late in the afternoon, are among the most colorful, fragrant, and robust of all flowers that can be grown from seed.

  • They’re very versatile too, as the seeds of the 4 O’Clock plant can be sown directly into the soil or into pots.

  • Four O'Clock's do best in Full Sun, and can tolerate Partial Shade, but may grow spindly.

  • They thrive in rich, well-draining, and loamy soil that tests as neutral to slightly acidic in pH.

  • Drought tolerant once the plant is established

  • When the plant is still early in it's growth, pinch back the main shoot to encourage branching.

  • Non-GMO, organically grown outdoors with open pollination.

  • Seeds secured from gorgeous vibrant Fuchsia 4 o’clock flowers in our gardens.

  • Great for pollinators - the perfect companion for your vegetable garden

  • Attract butterflies to your garden

  • Life Cycle: 100% Annual (Plants will die back after frost, but return in the subsequent Spring!)

  • Light Requirement: Full Sun, can tolerate Partial Shade

  • Planting Season: Spring

  • Blooms: Plant Four O’Clock seeds in the spring for late summer/early fall bloom

  • Plant Height: 25+ inches


  • Direct Sow. Sow the seeds in average soil in full sun after danger of frost.

  • You could soak your Four O'Clock seeds overnight the day before planting for a jumpstart.

  • Sow seeds about 12 inches apart and cover with ¼ inch of fine soil. Once seedlings emerge, observe health and thin to 2 feet apart.